Jackson Heights Episode 2


“What a beautiful accident!”

With those four words, Nauman Ijaz just stole the show. Our cheery Imran Bhatti sahib keeps up his spirits and the lookout for new-and pretty-desis to befriend. That scene was priceless and Bhatti sahib owned it even if he was spinning the oldest line in the book.

All however, is not well on the home front and so it wasn’t our dear Jamshed, but his mamu who has the green card via marriage plan. It’s is hard to imagine any other possibility given the fractious nature of their relationship. She bulldozes him all the time and treats him with scant respect and her kids follow suit.

True to form however, Bhatti sahib takes his responsibilities seriously except when he is fraternizing (ha! not quite) with Salma. Salma, for her part is trying to rake in the cash by working the graveyard shift – what else would you call 8:30 am at a salon?! Perhaps it’s just that Aamina Sheikh is too damn pretty, but something about her conveys a very calm persona to her supposedly harried and worked to the bone working gal.

Even if the dialogues and those plain Jane shirts try to convince you otherwise, something is amiss here. Though bonus points for Nazia Hassan soundtrack!

And perhaps in time the Salma- Imran track will work better but the Rizwan-Michelle track is going smooth I have to say.  They share an easy camaraderie – thodi khatti thodi meethi and Vasay Chaudhary’s dialogues about muft ki cooking, pyar ka jaal, katal and kabza play up that underlying romantic interest though that Rizwan does seem to be breathing down her neck a bit, no?

Also minus points for the slip up on Bombay! Choose a side Ok?

There are other germs of ideas here – Michelle paying her desi staff a lesser rate than the legal norm, Hira beauty parlour undercutting their prices which hint at the lives of working desis in America, which I’m definitely looking forward to seeing that explored more.

Also the no man’s visa land of ‘in process’ and ‘clearance’, often euphemisms for security and background checks which are the bane of every desi’s immigration experience especially Muslim men in the post 9/11 era, is hinted at through Adeel’s visibly drooped shoulders and slight frustration at the process. Though was that Mehreen Jabbar’s voice herself on the other side?

Jamshed, is stuck in limbo and constantly dreaming of his brighter and better future. No doubt being at the mercies of his relatives have him longing for escape. Even his loving Nani and her protective gaze and loving parathas can only go so far.

A bit slow placed and focused on setting up the characters, all of whom have rich back stories, its nice to have that insight into what makes them tick, or holds them back.

All in all, in the words of Imran Bhatti (or should we say Vasay Chaudhary?) Impressive hai, bohut zyada impressive hai…

MM (aka A musing Muslim)



  1. I can only agree ..impressive hai bohat impressive hai ! . The most annoying track is rizwan and miechelle ..sorry but Marina khan is not cuttting it for me ..their dry as a bone relationship is irritating . Dosti hai but…… on Rizwan’s side , Michelle on her part is so far not well written .. she is a woman and right now the characterization is off. Otherwise well done Vasey CH , Mehreen Jabbar et all …Massterfully done .
    I wish I could slap that Mammi in Pakistan …and make Adeel Hassan his breakfast 😉

    1. Hmm, you think? There is a familiarity about them which is nice but I thoought Rizwan – much as I love Adnan Jaffer has an air of desperation about him. He’s sauve and has all the right credentials – banker and family jewellery business! Hellllloooo!- but move on na yaar, shes not interested.

      Aur kya roz parathe ki ladai hoti hai kya? Am sure you will have competition for ladies making breakfast for adeel

  2. Okay! Who picked Imran Bhatti sahab’s wife? Is she Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi…? And how are her children so gora?! So many interesting plot lines, so many possible avenues. What I love about Jackson Heights is that even though we see snippets of all the people involved in different scenes, I equally enjoy all of them. From Michelle and Rizwan’s chemistry (and there is a some friendship or camaraderie there!), Adeel’s bechara ways and close relationship with his Nani, and even Salma and her parlour wala jhamalays – I love them all! Great job by MJ and VC!

    You’re so right, Rizwan’s credentials seem to be very appealing, which only makes you wonder why Michelle will fall for a younger guy? Hmmm…

    Seeing Salma interacting with Imran is always full of surprises although I don’t like the woman who’s playing her friend (owner of the salon) – what’s her name? Is it Annie Jaffery? Hmmm… Gurl those eyebrows on you, do something. To think she runs a “buutee parlour”! Isn’t this the same chatro in Shukk, the root cause of all evil?

    Well summed up, MM. Is it too forward to give you a emoji <3? LOL ::wink::

    1. You think Michelle will fall for him? Flattery perhaps? Or Jamsehd’s similar dislike for desis? Butee Parlour lady is Meher Jaffri root of evil in Shukk. Khair, lets see how all this holds up.

      Seriously, with the Bhatti wife question?!

  3. Beautiful review MM ji…sorry is baar main bohat late ho gai…hopefully next week say sub thik ho jye gaa…well main nay ye epi ziada enjoy nahi ki..kai scenes repeated lagay..ek hi point ko baar baar ziada clarity k sath establish kernay ki koshish…ji bhatti sahib is baar bhi chai rahay aur nouman bhi 🙂 …lol @ beautiful accident…ab plz hum agay chalein tou behter ho gaa…lekin achi entertaining episode thi haan pehli wali say kum…

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