Sadqay Tumahare Episode 11


Bulleh Shah ooh kon utaam tera yaar,
Ooss dey hath Quraan hai, ossay gul zanaar.

Before I go further let us all take a moment to enjoy Shanno and Khalil! Given the latest trend for mashups which would you prefer: Shalil or Khanno, either way this, Khatwateen-o-Hazrat, is the beginning of the end. As I impatiently devoured this latest episode a sinking feeling began to set in, a feeling that’s not going to go away anytime soon, which is why I give you Shanno’s dua and Khalil’s safar all to the melody of Sohail Haider’s Nimi Nimi Aag Te, one last time. For making us fall in love with you as much as you love each other, Shanno and Khalil, this one’s for the both of you.

Now, second things second, as I said above this is where the beginning of the end begun (if I were you I’d definitely click on this link it’s perhaps the best version of Lana Del Rey’s This is What Makes Us Girls). Kyun, aakhir kyun? Just when I was starting to fall in love with Shalil. Alas, some loves never let you go, but I guess, at the same time, some loves are never meant to be. This has been a year of lessons, the worst one being when a drama is good and gets you hooked, kill one or both of the leads. It happened to me in Bunty I Love You and to Kanwal in Pyare Afzal. Now, the same thing is going to happen here, don’t believe me, here’s what next week has in store for us.

Lekin why lose sight of the here and now, right? Wrong! Jab mohabbat khuda ban jaye tab ya Allah say mulaqaat hoti hai ya phir aapnay chahanay walay say. Love has no middle ground. Baday, baday fanaa ho gaye, unsay baday tabah ho gaye. After all, the very essence of mohabbat, of love, of ishq is that junoon, the kind that will destroy you but at the same time immortalize you. Immortality, I find, is often the quest of men, love, on the other hand, is usually a quest for Allah. In our rather rich literary tradition – Persian, Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi – lovers become synonymous with God. Countless poets from Bulle Shah to Baba Farid have long drawn upon the trope of the divine lover and that’s where Qamar sahab brings us after ten long weeks.

I’ve said this before that religion will have a significant role to play in the narrative and not because the sanest person around is religious, but because love in its purest form is but an ibaadat. Seeing Shanno waking up for Fajr and Khalil heeding the Azan brings us full circle. Their love is truly pure, it isn’t corrupt, it isn’t fleeting, it isn’t an infatuation. So powerful is Shanno’s impact that Khalil not only turns to his Allah but does so consistently. For a man who doesn’t turn to God for anything and everything under the sun, such a change can only come from longing, from wanting something desperately. Shanno will serve a good wife to Khalil, if only…

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.37.59 PM

Moreover, from our modern perspectives spiced by Farida’s badgumani and Rasheeda’s bile, can there ever be a love so honest, so pure in this day and age on television let alone in life? Life, of course, is a different story, but TV with its penchant for pandering to ratings makes one wonder, what really has love come to? Paisay say biknay walay aashiq (aka Bunty I Love You), badgumani kay shikar shohar (aka Firaaq, Shukk, and this list is definitely longer), chichori aur gaandi nazaroon say dekhnay walay mard (aka Chup Raho), where is the love, I wonder? So, if only for a transient moment, seeing Shanno and Khalil immersed only in each other with a pukta yaqeen in Rab-ul-Alameen gives me faith not only in their mohabbat but in mohabbat generallyFor scenes like Khalil in Namaz and Shanno in Sajada, that tie this entire story in to one seamless narrative – mohabbat mera Iman, Allah mera gawah – thank you Ehtheshamuddin and Qamar saab!

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.07.10 PM

If the writing and direction give us screen magic, then, the acting and the art direction are equally compelling. Yes, Mahira, I see your Shanno, and I believe you have done justice to her. Seeing your nek-namazi Shanno, all I can say is Allah usko uska Khalil zaroor bakshayAmeen. The daktar, Humaira, Inayat, Rasheeda, and even Farhan Ali Agha’s Khalu-ji leave nothing to chance. Inayat’s “Mein gutt say pakkad loon go ‘Sheeda ko, kaminee“, had me going we’re definitely in Punjab! At the same time, I absolutely love how calm and composed the daktar is, and perhaps, I think, he functions in the place of narrator, which I why I said maybe he is what Qamar saab is now (or at least how Qamar saab feels now about the situation in hindsight). Just as marhoom-Mehtab Patel had the best dialogues in Bunty I Love You, I find daktar Maqsood has some of the most compelling lines in Sadqay Tumhare (this week and last!). From “Shanno nazar aati hai uski shakal mein“, “Janati hai uskay saath zulm ho raha hai lekin majal hai ki uski aankh say ek aansoon gira ho“, and that ever-telling “Jaisay zinda rehnay kay liye saans laina zaroori hota hai“, you’re on the mark daktar sahab. It remains to be seen, though, if your words of wisdom can save our lovers from their barbaadi.

In the same frame, I find Saniya Shamshad’s Humaira not only likeable but a convincing friend, the kind that won’t hesitate getting into trouble for the sake of her friendship, something we have seen in the last few weeks. Her trust, her faith in Shanno is second only to Khalil’s yaqeen in Shanno’s mohabbat.

But there is only so much Humaira can do when faced by a demon in ‘Sheeda. Her “Ab mahtam kar rahi ho” is a chilling forbearer of what is yet to come. Apni Allah Wali beti Shanno ka dard, ki mohabbat, her daughter’s longing, is this mother blind to all this? ‘Sheeda-ji, waqt aur mohabbat kay samnay to baday, baday Badshah ghutnay teek gaye to aap kya cheez hain. I find, Rasheeda to be a character stuck in the past – static, still, motionless, even dead. She is unwilling to move beyond her own pain and suffering, which she inflicts on all around her – husband, children, rishtaydaar. The thing with being stagnant, though, is that try as you might not even you can stop the inevitable. Take note.

Where this entire seamless journey comes to a zenith is the art direction. I find the visuals convey as many meanings as Qamar saab’s writing. Shanno looking out of the beautifully carved jharokha that hides her from the world outside is tied into Maqsood looking through a bamboo screen towards Khalil praying. From beginning to end, our lovers long for a union as they look out, and the cinematographer brings their longing to us. Similarly, Khalil’s Lahore wala vayda is every inch what a Punjabi house should be – manjis, round cushions, arcaded verandah, and a clothesline to boot! The brick walls could use another coat of red or white, though. ::wink:: It is good to see originality exists somewhere, so for an excellent job by the art director (and this includes the costume director too!), shukriya!

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.12.05 PM

For an episode mid-way through the series, there’s a lot of repetition. We see Khalil playing cricket yet again, we see Shanno be-sabri say humming Hazar Baatein, phir say(!), and we see ‘Sheeda in perpetual attack mode, but this is what makes Sadqay Tumhare, even in repetition it gives us something new, something to dread, something to look forward to. Inasmuch as I want to disagree, I’ll heed to Shanno this week, yeh duniya waqai kisi ko hasta na dekh payee. So, for ‘Sheeda and that zalim zamana I’ll leave them with one of Bulle Shah’s qalams:

Masjid dha de, mandir dha de,
Dha de jo kuj dehenda.
Par kise da dil na dhaanvi,
Rabb dilaan vich rehenda.

Till next week,

Rab Rakha aur Shaba Khair

RB (Tweet me!)



  1. Beautiful review RB 🙂 …jitni main epsode enjoy kerti hoon utna hi aap kaa review ..bulk review k baad baz dafa main wapis jaa ker kuch scenes dekhti hoon taa k unhen mazid enjoy ker sakoon…

    last time aap shikwa ker rahay thay k ST k dialogues main Khalil sahib apna magic nahi dikha sakay tou aap ki shikayut iss episode k baad kum ho jani chahiay ..nahi tou khud dekh len

    “Allah waliyon ki akh nahi lerhti”
    “Akh nay tou oosay lakh saal baad dekha hai”
    “Maan rol ker maray tou dukh hota hai”
    “jahan daleel khatem hoti hai wahan say mohabat shuru hoti hai”
    “Merd ki nazer main hoti hai oos ki niyat”

    ye pehli episode thi jis k dialogues main nay bohat ziada enjoy kiay.. aap ki tra mujhay bhi lagta tha k jo Khalil sahib apnay dialogues k liay mash-hoor hain lekin ST main wo magic nazer nahi aya tha sivaiy ek do juga k …ziada ter dialogues koi khaas impact create nahiker sakay lekin is episode nay kami poori ker di

    mera fave scene first one aur sheeda /shano k dermiyan tha…khoobsurati say likha gaya aur pesh kia gaya…aur acha laga k baghair maar kutai normal logon ki tra ye maan beti baat ker sakti hain…shano k paas sheeda ki har baat kaa jawab hai..insan kisi cheez say nahi harta per aulad say har jata hai….iss epi k baad ek ahsaas shidat say hoa k khalil sahib k ander oon k maazi ki jarhen kitni gehri hain …aur itnay saal guzer janay per bhi choti say choti baat abhi tak oon k zehen main taza hai..jitni detail k sath Punjab ki rural/urban life / culture ko present kia gaya hai wo sirf main nay ptv dramas main dekha tha

    jaisay oon lapaitnay wala scene..omg ye hum nay apnay bachpan main itni baar apni ami/nani aur dosri aunts ko kertay dekha hai..serdi atay hi gher main ye manzer akser dekhnay ko milta jo aaj ki masroof zindagi main kahin kho gaya hai…hairet ki baat hai ye mashaghil khawateen k hain aur khalil sahib kaa isay likhna ..oon ki observation aur apnay past aur culture say oon k connection ko sabit kerta hai

    bulk mujhay ahsas hoa k female digest writers kaa sara zor mazloomiyut bebasi bechargi aur merdon ko Villon banana per raha hai …lekin rozmurra ki choti choti cheezon k zeriay apni tehzib-o saqafut kaa aisa perchar humen mushkil say hi in k haan nazer ata hai

    aur aap nay Khalil k gher aur sehen/vayrha/ber-aam dah k baray main wohi kaha jo epi dekhtay hoay main soch rahi thi bulk ek relative kaa gher yad a gaya …aur ST ki ye khoobi hai k ye writer k past ki dastan hai lekin iss ko iss tra banaya gaya hai k ye hum sub ko humaray mazi main llay jati hai ..mazi .jo haal say hamesha khoobsurat lagta hai aur yahan say nostalgia shuru hota hai…

    Mohabat aur oos kaa aijaz…oos k karishmay / moujzay….ye kis tra ek insan ki kaya palat deti hai..oosay kia say kia bana deti hai..aam tor per mehboob k rung main ashique runga jata hai….ye epi isi per based thi..khalil k ander shano ki khasoosiyat ” Shanno nazar aati hai uski shakal main…muskura raha tha wo bhi maar khaa ker aisay hi muskurati hai” …aur akhiri scene say lagta hai shano k ander ki angry young woman bhi khalil ki sohbat say baydar ho gai hai..ranjha ranjha ker di wali baat ab haqeeqat kaa roop laity nazer at hai 🙂

    agli epi main asli raqeeb sahib ki entry hai ..raqeeb jo hamesha “roo-siyah” hota hai aur ashiq jis ki qismat siyah hoti hai 😦

    1. Sharminda na karein! Aap ko accha laga, pasand aaya, mujhe aacha laga. Shukriya padnay aur comment karnay ka. 🙂

      Meri to Khalil Badshah say koi shikayet hi nahi hai! Aur iss haftay to Shanno say bhi nahi! Haha!

      Waisay dialogues waqai kaafi strong thay iss episode mein. Picturization kay saath writing bhi utni hi kamal ki thi. Maan rol kay maray wala dialogue meray zehen mein bhi aaya tha, aur kaafi accha scene tha maa-beti kay beech mein. Jaisay Rasheeda kay haathon par close up hua tha unhay hiltay dekh kar yehi mahsoos hua ki unhay gussa bahut hai lekin filhal kuch nahi kar sakteen. Sahi farmaya, aulad say aksar waldain haar jaatay hain, shayad ismay Goya kay Sr. Hashmi apwaad (exception) hain.

      Apnay Punjab ki rural/urban/cultural life ka zikhar kiya hai to mein aap say agree karta hoon mujhe waqai convincing laga jo bahut dramoon mein mujhe nahi lagta. In fact, Bollywood ki bahut movies bhi iss hawalay say fail ho jaati hain. Verandah, kyunki ismay khawateen ki bhaithak hoti thi (aur yeh maine apni aankhon say dekha hai) to zyadar ghar ka androon hisson mein courtyard hotay thay. Ass-padoos ki khawateen bhi aa kar apnay kaam kay saath saath baat bhi kar lainti theen. Bacchay, bozorg, ghar mein logon nay billiyan ya kuttay rakha hotay thay. Motia ki bushes aur narangi ka paid. Yeh aapnay theek note kara.

      Oon ka aapnay zikhar kara, mujhe ussay yaad aaya ki chiffon kay dupattoon ko dhoop mein nahi tanga kartay (at least from what I know) and so I remember unko sukhanay kay liye doono taraf say pakad kar leheraiya jata tha, jo maine shehr mein kabhi nahi dekha. Hota ho ga lekin maine nahi dekha. Yeh connection khaas kar ki rural Punjab say mujhe bahut pasand aayee. I do enjoy it. PTV era, 90s (waisay haqeeqat mein to 80s kehna chahiye), yeh sab zehn mein aata hai.

      Aapkay comments (Dastaan walay) par aata hoon. Bhoola nahi. 🙂

  2. Your writing is so beautiful 🙂 Discovered ur blog just today through #SadqayTumhare n m so glad i did. As for the show, it too is mesmerizing- binge-watched the show this week and now I’m totally smitten by it. It was only intriguing and beautiful visually in the beginning, but as the episodes went on-the story, the actors and characters grew on me, especially Adnan as Khalil. and now i simply cannot get enough of them.
    Regarding Episode 11, I felt it had the air of fear throughout the epi. How i wish Khalil and Shano get together soon-don’t want any hardships for them. But lots of them are in store in the forthcoming weeks and I am really scared of that. I would endure them all with the leads (minus the new guy or anyone as a third angle between them) if i could find solace in a happy ending. But it seems u r so sure there won’t b one, isn’t it? How do u know? There is scope for some hope, right? There was a tweet where Adnan said they’ll get together and live HEA, no? Sorry for this rambling. I m too worried for them that’s why :p Will be looking forward to ur reviews with as much enthusiasm as that for the show 🙂

    A question-In the first epi, Maqsood says to Khalil- “Main janta hoon teri kispe nazar hai” just before the girl comes with the testpapers. What did this mean?

    A request-could u please write the English translation of the Urdu phrases u use in the review. It would be helpful for us who don’t know the language. Thank u 🙂

    1. Hi Pranii!

      Thank you for your kind words and more importantly for reading and commenting! Welcome to Sadqay Tumahre. It does have that kind of a effect! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series.

      I’m not sure that there will be a sad ending, I’m just guessing, to be honest, and the writer’s (Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar) track record isn’t really in favour of the leads surviving, but I don’t know. Perhaps, I’m being a pessimist. 😦 Maybe I shouldn’t. Haha!

      I’ll try to translate but I believe translation (no matter how well done) changes the meaning of the original conversation (whether contextually or simply in translation). Due to this discrepancy, I don’t translate and state it the way it is said in the drama. Also, I assume that all readers are well-versed in Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi. I’m open to translating something you don’t understand if you ask me in the comments. Anytime. 🙂

      Let’s get to next week quickly so we can talk about the villain! Hahaha!

  3. Shalil or Khaano? Reaally? you really had to do that?! smh.

    Haha well can’t really blame Shaano putting her love first, Khaleel would do that to any girl. I swear i’m so infatuated with his character.
    A year of lessons indeed RB. I still cry over Afzal (well no, not really 😉 ), and Daniya-Bunty (though their love wasn’t so pure at all. pfft.)

    The new entrant in the preview gave me chills. Chalo leave it out for now, we’ll talk about it next week. Let’s just relish today..

    Not much happened this week, it just had a feeling of impending doom written all over it. Shaano’s singing was stretched but nvm..i reallly like that song.

    You could tell Sheeda wanted to slap Shaano but her tied hands wouldn’t let her. HAHA.

    I don’t have words for this beautiful review RB. I read it thrice, Kasmay. 😉

    1. Shaking my head (smh) much?! ::insert bemused eyebrow raise::

      Now we know where you stand on matters of the heart. :p Are you sure it’s the character or does Adnan have something to do with this? 😉 Bas ab Khaleel screen say haath nikalay aur kheench kar tumhe hi saath lay jaye. :p

      I never liked Bunty but I still didn’t want him going Khuda Hafiz on us at the end. As for Afzal, I guess there’s Khalil who’s replaced him, na?

      Shanno and the songs are an interesting addition, I like them for they’re worth, so, no complaints. Whoever sings Hazar Baatein needs to release her version ASAP. I mean ST has a full album going on – Hazar Baatein, Nimi Nimi Aag Te, the OST, that qawwali earlier, and now Madam Noor Jehan’s song. By the looks of it there’s another one next week. Want to place bets it’s going to be the same one again?

      Kasmay bhi kehti ho aur aankh bhi maarti ho, Hai Allah-ji! :p

      1. haan inn songs say bhi addiction ho gai hai..first time main nay hazar batein suna tou ajeeb saa laga kiunk hum dramas main aisay songs k adi ahi nahin k hero / heroine gaa rahay hon.. lekin ab maza anay laga hai bulk iss epi main jub humera kehti hai “ab chun kithan guzari sunao” tou main bhi keh rahi thi haan haan shano sunao 🙂 ..

        nahi bhai next week naya song hona chahiay ye tou hum nay sun liay 😉

      2. Agli baar koi wedding song hona chahiye. Jaisay Hai way meray dandiya rabba, iskay do original versions by Musarat Nazir aur Surinder Kaur (Kaur sisters) mujhe abhi bhi yaad hain lekin yeh wala version mujhe best fusion piece lagata hai (not to mention the easy images to see). I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had this song playing while driving on GT Road! :p

        Drama mein Shanno ka haal bhi kuch issi tarhan honay wala hai. Bechari dhulan. 😦

  4. HAHAHA its the character i assure you. Well a bit of Adnan as well. I just streamed his interview on VOA…he comes as such a humble guy and a bit flustered as well. How cute na?
    But kher i’d be more than content agar Khelu Shaano ko le kar bhag jaye…see i’m not a very difficult person to please. 😉

    He apparently watched Amitabh’s old movies to get hold of his character. Wow.

    Yep this show is taking us to a musical ride. And no i’m pretty certain that it’d be the same song next week so it doesn’t help me to place a bet. ;p

    Your Hai Allah-ji was so Shaano-esque. 😛

    PS. No one can replace Afzal, not even Khaleel.

    1. I heard that interview, I also saw him on Jago Pakistan Jago with Mahira Khan and truly the industry needs good talent! That he’s humble too is even better! I’m sure you’re better prepared than me to judge his cuteness potential, lol. But yes, I will agree with you, modesty is a very attractive quality in a person. Sadly far and few possess it and even fewer display it.

      Well angry young man and all.

      Arrey $2 ki bet nahi laga sakti. Hum dono kay beech mein ek Happy Meal kay paisay to ban hi jayeen gay. Hahahahaha! No, even a Happy Meal in Canada costs $7-8. Not that I’m all up on my Happy Meals (McDonalds is reserved for emergency situations only!).

      Haan bhai, CSS ka apna charm hota hai. 😉

  5. What a wonderful review for such a beautiful series.! Keep writing…You are awesome with it. Loving the series and performances by both the leads, even all the characters, writng and direction is so good. Can you please tell me who has sung this Sadqay Tumhaare version of ‘Hazaar baatein kahe zamana’?

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