Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the ugliest of them all: A Review of Anurag Kashyap’s Ugly



No, I haven’t disappeared. I was busy this weekend working on a review for Anurag Kashyap’s Ugly, which has been published by Dawn both online and in print! To read the full review head here. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to the editor at Dawn, MM (truly where would I be without you!), and all you readers. Thank you for your support.

RB’s Snap-o-Meter:  Three snaps up!

Naya saal mubarak aur agli mulaqat Sadqay Tumhare kay saath.

Rab Rakha

RB (Tweet me!)



  1. Happy New Year to you too.
    Not watched the movie yet. Is it not the most depressing thing ever to bring in the New Year with an Anurag Kashyap movie? He’s a brilliant director and all that but we can hardly root for any of his characters(except for Chanda in Dev D) because one never feels for them (Maybe that’s why he’s brilliant). But very well written review as always. Good going RB!

    1. And to you too, Fathima! Let me guess you chomped down on a few dozen laddoos to ring the new year in. 😉

      I agree, it’s depressing beyond compare. You liked Chanda, eh?! The worst thing about his films is that you never know who to root for, which is actually true for life, but one doesn’t always want to see real life on screen, it’s why we watch movies, right?! As an escape. :p

      Thank your! How’re you? Sab theek?

  2. Ha ha..No mithai for me remember. But I did have a hearty Assamese meal with friends (they cooked) on the last night of 2014. Speaking of which I also met some interesting folks who made a documentary about Tehreema Mitha, one of the very few classically trained dance soloist from Pakistan(I must admit that was the first time I heard about her). Apparently she performed at the Aga Khan Museum in October soon after its opening. Have you heard of her?

    Anurag kashyap’s movies like you said are too close to reality for comfort. They are all good movies but just too exhausting. I know most people thought Kalki Koechlin was the weakest link in Dev D and they are probably right too. But the character Chanda is so strong and despite being driven to the life that she lives is never a victim and you can’t help but root for her. I hated the ending though.

    All good here. How are your new year’s resolutions coming along?

    1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Aga Khan Museum. I’m pretty certain the next big centre for South Asian Studies is going to be the University of Toronto. They have two South Asian art historians, three historians, countless linguists, economists, political scientists, et al coupled with sizeable resources, a strong desi population, new funding, and now the Aga Khan Museum with its sizeable collection making it a very good place to pursue studies in South Asia like Berkeley and Michigan back in the day. I haven’t heard of her, I’m off to google. Bharatnatyam eh?

      I like Kalki, in fact, I like her better now that she’s taken on a challenging role in Margherita with a Straw.

      New year’s off to a rather busy start. Here’s to keeping the fires burning and more importantly achieving all that we want. 🙂

  3. Nice review RB…mujhay ye movie kafi pasand aye..sivaiy end k 😦 ..poori movie dua kertay guzri kali thik thak mil jye lekin ye expected tha…uff koi parents bhi aisay ho saktay hain main believe nahi ker sakti ..chalo father jaisa bhi tha lekin mother bhi omg..

    actors mein ronit roy was fantastic…aur inspector sahib itni dark depressing movie mein comical relief k tor per samnay aye…shuker oon ki waja say kuch light scenes dekhnay ko milay

    waisay Bombay talkies mein anurag wali story interesting thi…atleast hut k..aur kisi hud tak funny bhi 🙂

    1. Adab! Khair khariyat?

      Shukriya ji. Movie bahut dark thi aur waqai Kali ki fate to obvious thi bas hum jaisay log dua-ien kartay rahe gaye. 😦 Mujhe bahut surprising laga yeh dekh kar. Issay behter to Shaano ki Ammi hi hain, koi roo-peet kay at least apni beti ko attention to daiti hain (not that it is good attention).

      Agreed, Ronit Roy bahut khoob acting kar gaye hain especially iss role mein. Mujhe unka 2 States wala role itna pasand nahi aaya (halan ki acting udhar bhi acchi thi) jitna yeh role pasand aaya.

      Bombay Talkies mein aal nay Karan Johar wali film bhi dekhi hogi. Thoughts…? 😉

      1. Hello ji khush aam deed (lo bhala aap ki blog per aap hi ko welcome ker rahi hoon 🙂
        ab tou blog per aa ker main ye gana gaya kerti thi “kahan ho tum chalay aao “filmein” discuss kernay kaa irada hai”

        aur ab tou main nay khoobsurat bhi dekh li hai…ji poori..ek bhi scene forward kiay bagher
        ..aur aaj main nay review/first look/comments perhay taa k yaad aa jye kia kia baat ho gai..koshish karoon gi koi naya point jo abhi tak discuss nahi hoa..oos per baat kren..baqi tou sub aap ko bhi pta hai aur mujhay bhi

        mujhay kiun lag raha tha Bombay talkies k ziker per aap karan johar wali film ki baat zaroor kren gay 😉 ….kher mujhay sabhi directors kaa kaam acha laga..kafi different idea tha.sub nay apnay style k hisab say subject/actors select kiay..

        meri fave zoya akhter aur anurag wali thin..kiunk mera mizaj aisa hai ..mujhay aisi routine say hut ker lekin hulkay phulkay topics per bannay wali movies pasand hain

        jahan tak karan wali movie thi..umm mera khayal hai jub aisa koi bhi sensitive subject choose kertay hain tou oos min be-shumar cheezen hoti hain k aesthetically / visually acceptable ho..subject ko poori tra study kia hoa ho…kisi community k sentiments hurt naa naa hon yaani judgmental naa hon kisi bhi cheez per etc sub say berh ker aap ko pta ho aap kia achieve erna chahtay hain iss say… awareness create kerna chahtay hain discussion generate kerna yaa kuch bhi nahi

        mera khayal hai iss per ek full movie ban sakti hai…jitna time yahan mila.wo bohat kam tha almost 40 minutes…dosray jo young actor tha..oos ki acting bohat buri thi jub k oos kaa role sub say important tha is liay main ziada enjoy nahi ker saki…dosri movies k comparison mein…mera khayal hai jawab mil gaya ho gaa

        main nay suraj kaa satwan ghora k naam say ek movie dekhi..bohat pasand aye..aap nay joggers park dekhi hai..my all time fave..os k 2 songs bhi bohat pasand hain
        ishq hota nahi by adnan sami
        bari nazuk hai ye manzil by jagjit singh

      2. Arrey blog to aap ki bhi hai, hum sab ki hai. Jitna mein yahan liktha hoon, thoughts share karta hoon, utna aap bhi contribute karti hain, aur baki saaray readers. So, thank you for the welcome back! :p

        Yay! Finally! Dolly ki Doli bas iss haftay release ho jaye gi. Another one for disappointment?!

        Haha! Smart hain aap to samajh gayeen. Ideas definitely different thay. Lekin iss waqt mein iss mauzu par nahi baat karoon ga, thodi dair mein. Aaj IA Sadqay Tumhare ka review bhi post karoon ga, batayee ga kaisa laga. Jaatay jaatay ek film ka traier mauka milay to zaroor dekhiye ga:

  4. trailer acha hai..time miltay hi zaroor dekhoon gi..ST kaa review kahan aur Dastan kaa?..bus itna hi shouq tha 🙂 …abhi main nay ek movie dekhi “Amu”…bohat achi movie hai..aap ko zaroor dekhni chahiay..84 riots per hai

    1. Ek aur film aur trailer aapkay liye:

      Ji nahi itna shouq nahi tha bas masroofiyat. Aur Dolly ki Doli ka review padh li jiye ga. 🙂 Mujhe filmein pasand hain mein unn par zyada dhayan day raha hoon filhaal. Sadqay Tumhare kay doo review aur zaroor likhoon ga. Yeh takreeban final kishtoon mein say ek hai kyunki BILU mein bhi humay saray waqt ek unhappy ending ki taraf mooda gaya tha jo yahan par bhi ho raha hai, especially iss episode mein. Mujhe nahi lagata ki Shaano aur Khalil ki mohabbat ka anjaam kuch accha hoga. To ek review 13, 14, 15, aur 16 kishtoon ka aur ek reivew finale ka ya phir doo ya teen depending how long the story is. Thodi ghiss peet gayee hai lekin mujhe abhi bhi yeh concept, eh story, iski characterization, bahut pasand aayee. Baz dafa zindagi itni hi slow hoti hai.

      Umeed karta hoon aap kushal-mangal hain? 🙂 Baday din ho gaye yeh nahi kaha isiliye: Rab Rakha! :p

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