Oculus’ Desi Rendering: Huma Qureshi’s Offbeat Film Choices

The other day I came across a report on BBC about Bollywood’s remake of Oculus, a 2013 Hollywood horror/thriller. Now, those of you familiar with my thematic choices are well aware that I am partial to horror films, take, for instance, my reviews of Zibahkahana and Siyaah, on this very blog, but nothing could quell my excitement for an actual, well-made desi horror film. If you, like me, are tired of staple, sleazy fare, such as Ragini MMS, Raaz, and Creature 3D,  then, this piece of news would be a welcome relief!

Why exactly the excitement?

Well, the Mike Flanagan directed Hollywood original is a psychological-supernatural thriller about a malevolent antique mirror that is responsible for the death and misfortune of any family that purchases it. With two different timelines being portrayed simultaneously in the narrative, Oculus is a complex story. Moreover, the horror is not one that relies on the jump-scare, such as The Conjuring and Paranormal Activity, films known to jolt the audience into a state of fear instead Oculus relies on the psyche of its characters and the audience, and thus, successfully gets under your skin. Perhaps, that has something to do with a ominous mirror that can see through your deepest, darkest fears, a locked room, and a young but tormented protagonist. This movie uses the fragility of consciousness and turns it into a fear tactic, which makes it far creepier than your average slasher-flick.

My only concern, though, is that Bollywood might not get it right.

Yet, I am hopeful particularly because it stars Huma Quershi, an actress whose choices are offbeat, different, and certainly successful, such as Gangs of Wasseypur, Badlapur, Luv, Shuv tey Chicken Khurana, and Dedh Ishqiya, to mention a few. News of this as yet untitled film has been doing the rounds on various forms of social media, but the most reliable source I could find was a snippet in the Indian Express.

I will confess, I am intrigued and I want to know more, but till then, I leave you with the trailer for the original movie.

Till we meet for the review.

Rab Rakha

RB (Tweet me!)


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