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The Imperfect Filmi Family: Kapoor and Sons, Since 1921

Kapoor & Sons 1




These are just a few adjectives that one can begin to describe Kapoor & Sons, but this film is so much more, and truth be told I’m at a loss of words on where to begin. Rarely have I walked into a Bollywood film, especially those with queer characters, and walked out with sense of overpowering emotion engulfing me. Kapoor and Sons, I can finally say, is one such film.



NH10: A Revenge Thriller Done Right!


What a film! I highly recommend watching this. Absolutely LOVED it! Anushka is not just a smart actress but a shrewd producer as well. The full review is up at the Dawn.

RB’s Snap-o-Meter: A full four snaps up!

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Dum Laga Ke Haisha: Yeh Fevicol ka Jood Hai Kya?


Us 90s kids remember, all to well, the catchy one-liners that brands in India came up with before the world became a smaller place with internet, cable television, and mobile phones ::insert nostalgia here::, so imagine my surprise when I heard that a Yashraj film was actually called dum laga ke haisha!

Remember Fevicol? Who am I kidding, of course, you do.


Filmi Fhan: Interview with Afia Nathaniel


Asalaam-walaikum khawateen-o-hazraat,

Today marks an interesting turn in the evolution of this blog. Filmistani Journeys began as a online journal of all things South Asia and pop culture, it covers Pakistani dramas, Bollywood films, Pakistani films, and even as yet unpublished articles on Iranian and Israeli films. Its diversity reflects the diversity of our own (pop culture) experiences! And it is with this in mind that MM and I begin a new collaboration, a podcast called Filmi Fhan, for the filmi in all of us.


Ho Gayee Hai Mohabbat: Retro Tunes!

As part of Retro Rerun, I’ll be giving you retro tunes from my mazi and yours. Tunes that frame who we are no matter where we are. For me, these tunes are a reminder of home, they take me right back to school, to those long summer summer afternoons, to driving on GT Road, to memories, to nostalgia, and perhaps, something I’ll call vintage Indica. First one up Aslam and Shibani’s Ho Gayee Hai Mohabbat. Even though I hated the English lyrics right at the end when I was young, over the years I’ve come to look past. After all, it was the 90s, all about fusion and East meets West (even if it was a bad job at East meeting West!). Notwithstanding, this was a tune every Dilliwala schoolboy had buzzing in his ears for sometime.


Expect the Unexpected: Detective Byomkesh Bakshi!

Bakshi. Byomkesh Bakshi.

Ever wondered what a desi Bond would be like? Well, for the Indians he’d be Byomkesh Bakshi. For the Pakistanis, it would have to be Ali Imran. Between Bakshi and Imran, though, we can be certain that we are desperately in need of a good desi detective, one that can confidently compete with the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot.


A Pakistani Style Murder Mystery: 8969


No, I didn’t come up with the name for this film. Thanks for that!

I wouldn’t necessarily write about this film but seeing that Saba Qamar makes an appearance, I just had to do a preview. Chances are, I’m most likely not going to watch this film, and if I do I’m pretty certain I won’t like it, which is exactly why I want to pen my thoughts down, in case 8969 proves me wrong (doubt it!).