Sadqay Tumhare

Sadqay Tumhare Episode 12


Re khat-khat haan khat-khat baaje dastak woh na ab tak aaya,

Re tab se haan kab se, haan dekhe raahein, ki ab tu khol baahein aaja,

Umad-ghumad ghumein, re machle re mora mann, goonje re baalam ke bol.

Nagada saang dhol baaje, dhol baaje…

Dhaayn, dhaayn, dhum, dhum, dhaayn!

In true cinematic tradition and given that this is holiday season, let’s go out with a bang, khawateen-o-hazrat! As this is the last review for the year, I give you what our Shaano only wishes she could do. Yes, burst out into song and dance – Gujarati style at that – in the middle of that dholki as her new beau-to-be watches from the ramparts. Why ramparts? Well, it’s war after all! Make no mistake some loves are never meant to be.



Sadqay Tumahare Episode 11


Bulleh Shah ooh kon utaam tera yaar,
Ooss dey hath Quraan hai, ossay gul zanaar.

Before I go further let us all take a moment to enjoy Shanno and Khalil! Given the latest trend for mashups which would you prefer: Shalil or Khanno, either way this, Khatwateen-o-Hazrat, is the beginning of the end. As I impatiently devoured this latest episode a sinking feeling began to set in, a feeling that’s not going to go away anytime soon, which is why I give you Shanno’s dua and Khalil’s safar all to the melody of Sohail Haider’s Nimi Nimi Aag Te, one last time. For making us fall in love with you as much as you love each other, Shanno and Khalil, this one’s for the both of you.


Sadqay Tumhare Episode 10


Bas yahi dua kar ki meray naam say kisi aur ka naam na juday.

Tasali nahi kasam daita hoon.

Aapka haak banta hai ki unki mohabbat say nafrat karo.  

Jab itni zyada mohabbat ho jaye to mohabbat karnay walay maar jata hain ya to unki fooran shaadi hoo jaati hai.

Khay say Khalil, Ray say Rukhsana, aur Meem say Mohabbat.



Sadqay Tumhare Episode 9


My man’s crazy and his mind’s a knife.  But I like him – fact, I love him – I can’t get enough of him, he knows only I can save him tonight!

I’ve been waiting on your love, baby, for too long now, too long now!

Sadqay Tumhare is like a Lana Del Rey song with its retro sensibilities, it’s dastaan-e-ishq wali mohabbat, it’s filmi aadaein, and pretty people thrown in for good measure! Yet, like Lana’s pronounced vintage, nostalgic, and sad sensibilities, “it’s gonna backfire, baby, gonna backfire!”


Nimi Nimi Aag Te from Sadqay Tumhare

I just stumbled on this Soundcloud page consisting of the same two minute sampler. Hope this suffices for now. I’m sure HUM TV will stop hoarding the soundtrack and release it soon.

Sadqay Tumhare Episode 8


Background music.

Garajtay badal aur teez-tarar baarish.


Zeher ki sheeshi aur usko peenay ko taiyar deewani.

Dialogues like “Maa ka doodh piya hai“, “Uski kasam wapis zinda nahi jao gay“, and “Mohabbat mein to sab say ladna padta hai“.

Filmi. Very, very filmi.

Pehli baatein pehlay Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar sahab maaza aa gaya! Hats off!


Sadqay Tumhare Episodes 6 & 7



You must think RB has lost his penchant for writing reviews, fear not, I might be disillusioned with the world of Pakistani reviews, but I certainly am not at a loss of words, I seldom am.

I’ve been busy traveling, first, to home, for those of you who wonder, home is Dillimera dil, meri jaan, after which I was busy traversing Northern India partly for research, partly for adventure. Over the course of my travels I had a lot of time to kill, and I made good use of it by catching up on films and books I’d been dying to get to. Yet, as much as I tried to escape from blogging, research, and life generally, no matter what I read, what I saw, whatever conversations I had, ghuma-phira kar my mind would go into a creative overdrive – yeh yahan accha comparison hoga, this seems like what I’m reviewing, and so on – and after a while I gave up not necessarily as a sense of defeat, but rather as a way to channel as many ideas as I possibly could.