Dolly ki Doli

Dolly ki Doli: ز (zay) say Zabardast!


Not quite the disaster I thought this film would be, in fact, it’s an easy watch. Full review up at the Dawn (read it here).

RB’s Snap-o-Meter: A full three snaps up!

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Dolly kay Deewanay: چ (Chay) say…?

Just as predicted, Sonam Kapoor will be the weakest link in Dolly ki Doli, but from what I can see it’s a innovative way of seeing things. It reminds of two recent films, Tanu Weds Manu and Bunty and Bubli, both rolled into one!


Dolly ki Doli: ڈ (Dal) say Disaster!


Hot on the heels of her less than impressive performance in Khoobsurat, Sonar Kapoor brings us yet another romantic comedy. The premise for this one: Dolly kiski? Three grooms all vying for the same prize, but something tells me the prize has its own kahani in mind, aur pyar ki katha kinds nahi.