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Dolly ki Doli: ز (zay) say Zabardast!


Not quite the disaster I thought this film would be, in fact, it’s an easy watch. Full review up at the Dawn (read it here).

RB’s Snap-o-Meter: A full three snaps up!

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Bilqis, Bobby, Bollywood

Think Do Jasoos. Now, think Bobby Jasoos.

Think Bend it like Beckham. Now think Bobby bends it (with the best of them might I add)!

Samajh aaya…? Nahi, phir continue reading.

Inhi chotti, chotti galiyon mein teri kismet chamkain gi, Bobby. Bilqis Ahmed issi Moghalpuray mein jasoos ban kar dekhayee gi.

As a 20-something graduate student, I am all too aware of Bobby’s many predicaments: shaadi, bachchay, career, love, life, aur shayad akhir mein zindagi. Not only could I relate to her constant apprehension vis-a-vis Abbaji, I could also feel Bobby’s anguish as she yearns to succeed. Perhaps, this is Bobby Jasoos’s biggest strength but I’ll get to this momentarily…